CBD oil being sold in Lincoln

Published: Nov. 16, 2018 at 10:53 PM CST
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Cannabidiol or CBD oil is a hot topic nationally as of late. It's commonly used for pain relief and for the most part is illegal in Nebraska, but many including a former Husker great use it for medicinal purposes.

Neil Smith is most known for his work on the football field, at both Nebraska and then in the NFL. These days, he struggles with chronic pain, which he says CBD oil helps relieve almost instantly. The Attorney General and the Nebraska Legislature still say that CBD in that capacity, is illegal.

"Medical marijuana comes from the cannabis plant," says Jamie Woolard of CBD American Shaman "our product comes from the hemp plant. The cannabis plant contains a high level of THC, which very simply is what makes people high"

CBD American Shaman recently opened its first store in Lincoln near 23rd Street and Cornhusker Highway. It carries over 125 different products that contain the oil. Neil Smith is a spokesperson for the brand and uses the products in his everyday life.

"I don't have the aching headaches no more," said Smith "I've started sleeping a little better at night. The main objective is that my pain level is really really gotten under control and I can say that I am pain free"

CBD in any capacity, other than products obtained and approved by a UNMC study or in a drug product approved by the FDA, remain illegal in Nebraska. The Attorney General re-issued a statement today of the law which said "Cannabidiol has been and continues to be included in Nebraska's Uniform Controlled Substances Act's legal definition of 'marijuana'"

CBD American Shaman says it does not believe what they're doing is illegal.

"I would say read the last line in the statement that was put out today," said Woolard "apparently they charged someone with selling a CBD product and it says in the last line the court threw it out because they didn't have enough evidence to prove it was a drug, this is not a drug"

The store also says they hope to open up the conversation about CBD oil.

"This is changing people's lives," said Smith "and when I say changing people's lives in a positive way we are trying to bring awareness to people that want to bring awareness to people's bodies"

The Attorney General told law enforcement that CBD should be treated as a schedule one controlled substance and act accordingly. As for CBD American Shaman, they say despite the message their products will remain on shelves.