Local vet weighs in on CBD oil for pets

Published: May. 9, 2019 at 9:27 PM CDT
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In the past few years cannabidiol or CBD oil has exploded, with everything from lotions to sprays and even candy.

It’s a growing trend for people and now pet owners.

A local vet says right now CBD for your pet probably isn’t the best treatment option. As its short time on the market, leaves a lot of room for questions.

Dr. Tony Moravec owns Driftwood Vet in north Lincoln. He says since the CBD craze hit, he’s gotten a lot of questions.

“Within the last year was when I started initially getting phone calls and clients inquiring about it,” said Dr. Tony. “A lot of it came from the human side of it, the human application.”

Dr. Tony says that some of the results from CBD in animals are promising but he does not recommend CBD for pets. He says the research and results just aren’t there yet.

'What research has been done in the animal health world is virtually non-existent right now,” said Dr. Tony. “We really have to proceed with caution with animals. What’s inferred as good for you and me, we cannot directly infer the positive effects of medications that people can get to our pets."

Adam Brewer owns CBD Remedies in Lincoln. He says he sees dozens of customers a week coming in for CBD pet products. For animals with anxiety, pain and many times for end of life care. The products range but the most popular here comes in the form of straight oil.

“We’ve had a lot of success stories with our customers,” said Brewer. “We have a lot of return customers as well. I would say people have a high success rate for people turning to these supplements for their pets.”

Dr. Tony says if you are going to use CBD products for your animal, to always consult with your vet first.

“Don’t rush into this option and become the veterinary for your pet,” said Dr. Tony. “Go to your pets vet and that way you can work together to find a plausible solution and a dosage and formulation."