Nebraska has no sex education requirements for public schools

The CDC is reporting a record number of STD cases for 2016. According to the CDC more than 2 million cases of STD's were reported in the U.S. last year. The data also found that teens and young adults had the highest STD rates.

1011 News talked to Planned Parenthood of the Heartland's Peggy Olson who says education is a huge issue, because the state of Nebraska does not have sex education requirements for public schools. Meaning schools do not have to teach any sex ed at all.

1011 News asked Lincoln Public Schools the following questions about its curriculum:

Does LPS provide education beyond abstinence covering contraception? 

Does LPS provide education on sexually transmitted diseases?

Are parents informed on what their children are learning in sex education? If so, how are they informed? 

If a parent is not comfortable with the curriculum what do they have to do to keep their child out of this curriculum? 

Does LPS educate students on where they can get contraception and STD testing? 

LPS responded saying they need more time to answer these questions and provide context. LPS said the earliest they could do this is next week. 1011 News has an interview scheduled with the district next Tuesday.