CMH Auxiliary Thrift Shop Benefits Community

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The Community Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop benefits the community of Syracuse in many ways. In 2007 the Auxiliary Thrift Shop started in one room and quickly turned into around 20 areas filled with items. "On the first day of business we were just in this main room, then as the donations kept coming in we had to advance to the other rooms," said Mary Margaret Clark, Member, Core Committee.

You can find just about anything in the shop and each room is organized by what's inside. "The book room has a separate room, and the sports room, the girls room, the boys room, and it just makes it really nice for us," said Clark.

With many different items they have sold a lot and all of the money is donated to the Community Memorial Hospital, "As of now, we have donated under half-a-million dollars to the hospital, so they are very happy with us and we are very happy with them. They have been very good to us because they have let us use this building," said Clark.

The workers at the hospital are very thankful for how much work the thrift shop has done. "To be able to have the auxiliary to donate the dollars to help us be able to purchase the equipment, the services, things of that nature is huge, and just really helps us as a hospital to stay at the forefront of being able to provide excellent healthcare right here in our hometown of Syracuse," said Laura Lea Fossenbarger Director of Quality and Community Relations, Community Memorial Hospital.

With all of the rooms it takes a lot of work to keep it all organized and they have more than 40 volunteers helping them out. The customers who shop there appreciate all of the volunteers that make it all happen, "I am a regular, I love shopping here, the volunteers do a fantastic job of everything just very clean and neat, and something that looks brand new and often times there is brand new items," said Fossenbarger.

The volunteers that work there aren't only giving back to the community they're making it special for themselves. "We've found friendships with each other and have made lasting friends," said Clark.