Careers in construction

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Ben Carey was a student at Lincoln East High School 20 years ago and he vividly remembers the day he went on a field trip and it sparked something inside him.

Ben saw first hand what it took to build a house from the ground up. And today, Ben is a co-owner of a construction company that's called Build DCB.

On Friday, Ben was back at his alma mater, hoping to spark some current Spartans interests in one day securing a job in the construction industry, "Knowing that there's industry's like construction that want to help you out and if that 2 or 4 years schooling isn't for you then we're here to help and build your job into a career and helping you."

Ben shared stories and students saw videos that really opened their young eyes.

Ben is excited to invite young prospects out to a construction job fair that's coming up in late March, "We're going to get the kids from the schools to come out during the day meet with all of the industry sectors from commercial contractors, commercial electrical and residential and all of those of those different sectors brought into one."

Ben says the job fair will take place on Tuesday, March 26th and all Lincoln high school students are welcome to head on out to the parking lot outside of Southeast Community College on east O street in Lincoln.