Catching up with the Hoiberg twins

Sam and Charlie Hoiberg come from a basketball dominant family, and they're making a name for themselves with Pius X basketball team.

You know their dad, but now it’s time to meet Sam and Charlie Hoiberg. The twins and youngest sons of Fred Hoiberg are making a name for themselves on the court at Pius X.

The two boys are the youngest kids of Nebraska Basketball Head Coach Fred Hoiberg.

From Minnesota, Iowa, Chicago and now Nebraska, Sam and Charlie Hoiberg have moved four times, but their love for the sport hasn't changed. They say they never really wanted to move, but each time has taught them new ways to grow as people.

"We're identical twins looks wise and for personality it's the same way everything we like is the same," said Sam Hoiberg.

Two minutes is all that separates twins Sam and Charlie, and in 16 year they say they've only spent three days apart.

"I would also describe him as annoying, and I always beat him in arguments. I think I’m smarter,” said Charlie Hoiberg.

"He beats me in arguments because he can not lose an argument," said Sam Hoiberg.

They even have the same favorite movie.

"My favorite movie is probably Dumb and Dumber. Our dad showed it to us when we were in 3rd grade and it's his favorite movie, and I love that movie," said Sam Hoiberg.

Sam plays point guard and Charlie is a shooting guard for Pius.
The Thunderbolts are the defending state champs and are undefeated so far this season.
Being the sons of a coach can be difficult let alone a well known basketball coach in Fred Hoiberg.

"When he started being the head coach the games are a lot stressful for me back in 2nd grade if we lost I would cry after," said Sam Hoiberg.

"It definitely has a lot of cool perks, but we've never known any different, so it doesn't feel special," said Charlie Hoiberg.

"He likes to hold over me that he was on varsity last year for basketball, and I can say I was on varsity for golf and we won a state championship, so I do have a ring that I can hold over him,” said Charlie Hoiberg.

"He's like half an inch taller than me, so he'll talk about that, but I’ll just say I can jump higher than him, so that's what I have to say over him."

The boys started playing basketball at four years old, but have different plans after high school. Sam wants to play college basketball and eventually become a coach. Charlie says he doesn't want to play basketball and pave his own path.