Celebrating 70 Years of Marriage in Beatrice

A few years ago, President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara reached a milestone that very few couples ever do...they made it to their 70th wedding anniversary.

This past weekend, a Beatrice couple was fortunate enough to join that very exclusive club as their friends and family gathered together to celebrate their very uncommon accomplishment.

This great love story blossomed back in the mid -1940's. Paul Dougherty recalls, "I met her at a dance one night and I was dancing with another girl and I was winking at her."

Delores says Paul was quite the charmer, "He was real popular, everybody knew him because he was always happy. He was the life of the party is what he was."

All that winking and charming eventually led to marriage. This delightful couple was married on 13th of March in 1948 and over the past 70 years they've shared a lot of love, they've also had 8 kids, 22 grandkids and 41 great grandchildren.

Paul is 95 years old and DeLores is 88.

Paul says, "If somebody would have told me I'd be married for 70 years, I never would have believed it know, because of health, family problems this and that, but life has been real good to me. The Lord has been good to both of us, real good."