Celebrating the home and birth of Harold Lloyd

BURCHARD, Neb.- A small community in Pawnee County was the birthplace of a Hollywood silent film mega-star.

In Burchard, you can tour the birthplace of Harold Lloyd. Esther Tegtmeier says Lloyd was born in Burchard, and lived in the small home in town for the first three years of his life. "He was probably one of the most famous silent movie stars," Tegtmeier said. "He made more money than any other silent movie star, and he made more films than any other silent star." Many of Lloyd's movies were made in the 1930's, and he didn't do many movies once "talkies" or movies with sound came into vogue. His name is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"Always his movies really moved fast, he's always running, and they are speedy, and they don't hold still for any length of time at all," Tegtmeier said. Lloyd is known for some breath-taking stunts in his movies, and he did the stunts himself.

The birthplace home of Harold Lloyd in Burchard features three rooms. What was once the dining room is now a movie room, where visitors are encouraged to watch some of Lloyd's films. The former living room is decked out in period furnishings and pictures of Lloyd. And a third, side room features memorabilia and gift items about Lloyd that people can purchase.

The community of Burchard is getting ready to mark the 125th anniversary of Lloyd's birth on Saturday, July 14th. "We are going to have a lot of activities, plus we are going to have the home open," area resident Marcia Borcher said. "We will have a look-alike contest, some photo ops, a scavenger hunt, and we are going to have a vintage car show for the period in which he did movies which is the 20's and 30's," Borcher said.

Be sure to head to Burchard on July 14th to learn more about the life of Hollywood legend Harold Lloyd.