Celebrations ahead for Platte County church

Published: Jun. 14, 2019 at 10:25 AM CDT
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Columbus residents may not be aware of a beautiful country church nestled in the valley north of the city in Platte County.

In celebration of Our Town Columbus, we decided to also check out what Platte County has to offer. Christ Lutheran Church is one of those great places to see as you drive around the county. "The congregation was organized in 1871, and we will be celebrating our 150th year in 2021. The church was built as a thank offering for 50 years, so that makes this church building 100 years in 2021," church member Luke Bakenhus said.

The cornerstone of the church was laid in 1921. It has a number of memorable features. The stained-glass windows are certainly eye-catching. "I imagine the windows would take first-class, especially the large ones. They supposedly were imported from Germany at the time the church was built," Bakenhus said. The ceiling is also memorable, with many arches, and a new paint job about 25 years ago really makes the arches stand out yet today.

The church is rather large for being in the country, and there are still family names from the original congregation that are still attending the church. There is a cemetery nearby, and a school on the grounds. The current church was not the first church for the congregation. There was a wooden one at first, later that one got a steeple. But eventually, the original church just got too small for the needs of the congregation. So, the current brick church was built. They held off building the church until after World War I.

The church is only 12 miles north of Columbus, so it might be worth checking out the next time you are taking a ride through rural Platte County.

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