Chick-Fil-A Opening Delayed at UNL City Union

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The Chick-Fil-A store that was scheduled to open in UNL's City Union at the beginning of the fall semester is behind schedule.

But the Nebraska Union staff is improvising. As of right now, the associate director of UNL Unions Brian Bollich says Chick-Fil-A customers are getting their fill of pre-made chicken sandwiches with this temporary "pop up" store, "In a normal perspective we would be open by the fall semester. But we had some challenges from taking one vendor from the kitchen side making it into two vendors so we ran into some things that we didn't anticipate."

In addition to the temporary Chick-Fil-A store, hungry students and staff can choose from the same options as in the past and to ensure that their are enough eating options to satisfy students, the Union has added two mobile food trucks to the north side of the Union on the plaza.

Bollich says, "We knew we needed some options to fill the gap so we've had food truck on campus already for the past couple years so we thought this would be a good filler."

Bollich says they are hoping that the new Chick-Fil-A store will be open sometime later this semester.