Chick-Fil-A customers describe chaos

LINCOLN, Neb (KOLN) - 10/11 NOW spoke with Chick-Fil-A customers who witnessed the chaos on Tuesday afternoon, when 48-year-old Joseph Cimino backed his truck into the business before he was shot and killed.

(Source: KOLN).

One customer says he actually dragged Cimino outside.

"My goal was just to get his arms out and kind of get him out of the building,” said Todd Ogden.

On Tuesday, Ogden was inside eating lunch with his wife, when he heard Cimino yelling.

"Just yelling, 'it's just a chicken sandwich' and once he kind of moved around and he was starting to swipe at kids, once he started doing that I wanted to make sure that this altercation at least moved outside,” said Ogden.

Ogden says that's when he tackled Cimino and dragged him outside.

Then things happened fast.

He says Cimino ran to his truck and that's when he backed it into the building.

"My wife is a social worker so she was really smart to try to get everyone out the side door, that was the goal to get everyone out,” said Ogden.

10/11 NOW spoke with a woman who was in the drive-through at the time when Cimino started yelling.

"The employees just looked stunned, they weren't really engaging,” said Josey Messick.

She says unfortunately it all made sense a few minutes later.

"I drove through, and then next thing you know someone is driving through the front of the store,” said Messick.

"I'm really glad a lot of people got out of the way and nobody was in line and employees got out of the way, that's super important too,” said Ogden.

"Think about the most important thing which is being kind to one another and people,” said Messick.

The restaurant's owner says they'll open the drive-thru up again at 6:30 in the morning on Thursday, but the inside will remain closed until further notice.