City addresses road construction overlap concerns

LINCOLN, Neb. Driving in south Lincoln will look very different in 2020 as two major road projects, the 14th and Warlick and the South Beltway, are set to get underway starting next year.

One of the most heavily trafficked areas of Lincoln at 14th and Warlick is set to see a drastic change that includes more projects than just the elevated roundabout.

“There will be two other roundabouts and intersection improvements to seven different intersections in that general vicinity,” said Tom Casady the Interim Director of Lincoln Transportation and Utilities.

Casady says considering more roundabouts is now the new standard for any intersection improvement projects.

“They move about the same amount of traffic but they do so with less delay and in a much safer way,” said Casady.

Last month at the public hearing for a proposal which would have delayed the project those who wanted it pushed back had a common concern, the potential for the overlap with the South Beltway with a price tag of $300 million dollars that’s slated to start construction next year.

Casady says the city is not concerned about the overlap of the two projects.

“I can’t see any way that it interacts with the South Beltway construction because of the distance involved,” said Casady. “The closest point it impacts is Saltillo Road and Highway 77.”

Casady says its not just these projects, expect to see orange cones popping up around Lincoln due to the quarter cent sales tax to fix roads.

“The good news is this takes care of some of the back log of road repairs and new road construction that needs to happen in Lincoln,” said Casady. “The bad news is we’ll have to bear with the construction.”

Bids for the 14th and Warlick project are due by the first of next month. The Nebraska Department of Transportation is also taking bids for the South Beltway project, that application will close on December 12th.