City asks for input on plan to put roundabout at 56th & Yankee Hill

Published: Jun. 4, 2020 at 5:04 PM CDT
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The city is asking for input on a Southeast Lincoln construction project slated to take an entire year.

They're planning to turn the four-way stop at 56 & Yankee Hill into a roundabout, something neighbors told 10/11 NOW is a long time coming.

"The flow of traffic is basically constant, it's very dangerous," Jolee Jensen, who has lived in the area for eight years said.

Jensen said she drives through the intersection nearly every day.

"I've seen minor accidents, cars blowing stop signs and just a heavy flow of traffic," Jensen said.

She said the city's plans would bring a welcome change.

"It'd be really good to have that constant flow so nobody is stopping at stop signs," Jensen said.

The city's website said the project will start later this month.

According to traffic data, up to 25,000 people use nearby stretches of 56th & Yankee Hill, they said the project will cut down on crashes and help traffic move more steadily.

Which eases the concerns of another neighbor, Megan Lyons.

"If there's a lot of traffic it can take a really long time," Lyons said. "Even just coming from Target to get back here, if it's 5 p.m., you'll go down to Pine Lake and then back up here so you don't have to get through that intersection."

If everything goes according to the city's plans, the roundabout itself will be open by November. The project itself would be complete by June 2021.

Neighbors said if there's one draw back, it's this.

"I know the construction phase and getting it all done will be rough," Lyons said.

But that the safety improvements will be well worth the hassle.

"It's been due for a while, I'm glad the city's doing this," Jensen said.

The city is accepting public comment until July 6.

To leave a comment, reach out to Randy Saathoff, the project manager.

His phone number is 402-440-6067. His email address is

Learn more about the project here:

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