City council member hopes to bring indoor water park to Lincoln

Published: Jul. 11, 2019 at 11:08 PM CDT
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A hot summer means city pools are getting a lot of use but one city council member is already thinking ahead to year-round aquatic activities and one of his ideas would bring new life to a nearly 100-year-old city building.

City council member Roy Christensen wants Lincoln to have a year-round, indoor water park and pool for a growing capital city and he says the old Muny Pool building is the perfect spot.

“You know it’s been closed down decades ago as the Muny Pool,” said Christensen. “Right now there’s development going on in the area.”

The Muny building is in the Telegraph District, just off 21st and M Street. Parks and Recreation currently uses it as office space and Christensen says it’s his top choice for where to put an indoor water park.

"Our city could really use a year-round indoor water park,” said Christensen. “That would include an Olympic competition pool and diving well."

His idea is modeled around a complex in Utah, with the aim of bringing hundreds of thousands of dollars more in yearly revenue to the city.

“That park and rec center generates, after paying all their expenses, about $400 to $500 thousand a year in revenue for their parks and recreation department,” said Christensen. “Our parks and rec could do with that kind of revenue situation and the people of Lincoln would use it."

Christensen also says that if the Muny Pool location doesn’t work, he is interested in the Mahoney Golf Course space, citing a decline in interest in golfing.

“Municipal golf courses are being closed all around the country at a pretty alarming rate,” said Christensen. “It’s driven by the reality of the economy and what people want to do with their free time and Lincoln is no different.”

Christensen hopes to have his water park idea as part of the city’s Capital Improvement Plan in the next few years.

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