City council to look at amending code involving firearms

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Lincoln City Council will be looking at two resolutions related to firearms during their meeting Monday.

One would prohibit storing guns in unoccupied vehicles. The other would require lost or stolen firearms be reported to Lincoln Police within 48 hours.

City council members will look at an ordinance that would amend Section 9.36.110 of the Lincoln Municipal Code.

The ordinance states "WHEREAS, an analysis of cleared larceny from motor vehicles cases in Lincoln over the last 5 years shows that 47.37% were perpetrated by juveniles ages 18 and younger; and WHEREAS good public policy supports the storage of firearms to be secured and out of public view when they are left unattended."

If this gets ordained, the code would state: It shall be unlawful for any person to keep a firearm in a motor vehicle which is not occupied and/or is outside the immediate control of the person responsible for the vehicle unless the firearm is locked inside the glove box, trunk, other compartment of the vehicle, or a hardened storage container securily attached to the vehicle.

It would eliminate the phrase that continued in an unattended vehicle for a period in excess of twenty-four hours.


The other ordinance would amend Chapter 9.36 by adding a new section 9.36.032. requiring the timely report to the Lincoln Police Department of firearms lost or stolen within the city limits.

The new section would read:
If a firearm is lost or stolen within the city limits, the person who owned or was in possession of the firearm shall report the theft or loss to the Police Department. The report shall be made within 48 hours after the theft or loss is first discovered and shall include, to the extent known:
1. The firearm's caliber, make, model, manufacturer, and serial number;
2. Any other distinguishing mark on the firearm; and
3. The circumstances of the loss or theft, including the date, place, and manner.


These will be discussed during the Lincoln City Council meeting at 3 p.m. Monday.