City of Kearney: Drinking water is safe, but stay out of flooded water

Published: Jul. 10, 2019 at 12:57 PM CDT
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Kearney Mayor Stan Clouse said the focus Wednesday is on public safety and doing assessments of the damage.

"We are focused on a particular area around the hospitality sector in Kearney from 11th Street south to the interstate," Clouse said. "That's the main area going all through the City that really has significant damage we are trying to assess."

According to Kearney Police, 2nd Avenue between 11th street and Interstate 80 is open in both directions for all north and south bound lanes. However, Kearney Police said Talmadge west of 2nd Avenue is closed.

"We understand the need to access vehicles and property, however at this time the hotels are not safely accessible. Your cooperation and patience is greatly appreciated," Kearney Police said in a tweet.

The City of Kearney stated that there are zero safety concerns regarding the drinking water and it may be consumed. The City Manager said to stay out of flooded water as it is highly contaminated and unsafe.

If you have flooding, take photos and document the damage of homes and businesses before beginning the clean up process. This information will be used to submit to FEMA for assistance. You can submit your information to

The City of Kearney is evaluating potential dumpster locations to assist residents with the disposal of flood damaged items. For now, the City is asking people to place your items at the curb for City to pick up.

Trails from Yanney Park to Fort Kearny are closed as they are unsafe due to water.

The Peterson Senior Activity Center has re-opened. South Yanney Heritage Park will remain closed due to water levels. The Kearney Public Library basement will remain closed Wednesday and is expected to reopen Thursday.

The City of Kearney is providing a one stop email address to route all flood related questions from the public and for citizens interested in providing the City of Kearney resources for flood response and clean-up efforts in the days to come. The email address,, will be managed by the Assistant City Manager’s office and will allow better communication for response efforts and to provide information to those affected by the flood. This will allow City of Kearney to coordinate resources and continue to work with other agencies to provide flood response.

The Kearney Area Community Foundation has a Disaster Relief Fund set up to help those in the Kearney area suffering loss from the recent devastating flooding. To show your support,

to donate to the Disaster Relief Fund. All donations will stay in the Kearney area.

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