City sprays asphalt rejuvenator on major roads

Contractors spray oil on asphalt roads to add another 5-7 years to their life expectancy.
Contractors spray oil on asphalt roads to add another 5-7 years to their life expectancy.(KOLNKGIN)
Published: Jul. 12, 2019 at 6:50 PM CDT
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Throughout the week major streets in Lincoln have been blocked off to the public for hours at a time.The city is spraying a treatment on the asphalt to prevent it from crumbling.

From the looks of it just hours later, you'd never know major roads like Pioneers were completely blocked off to the public.

The city was sprayed oil and laid down sand in an effort to keep this street surface drivable for as long as they can. They say doing this now saves them money and adds 5 to 7 years onto the road's lifetime.

"It helps restore some of the pliability the asphalt had when it was new and it can survive underneath roadway traffic a little bit better," said Zach Becker, an engineer for Lincoln Transportation and Utilities.

Today they conquered Pioneers Boulevard from 40th to 48th.

Among the list of major roads closed: Holdredge Street and Sheridan Boulevard. The city says once the rejuvenator mix is sprayed, it's too slick for cars to drive so the crews put down sand. Becker said being proactive now could save them big-time in the future.

"Things like cracking and moisture getting in there over time lead to things like potholes," said Becker. "Hopefully by applying products like this you're helping to extend the life, delay those things from occurring throughout the life which can hopefully delay things like potholes from developing."

The project in total costs 93-thousand dollars and while that's not cheap, Becker said it's much less than ripping up the road and starting again.

Neighbors and nearby business owners said they'd rather have the road shut down for a day rather than months for resurfacing. They also said it was nice to see their tax dollars at work.

There is one last part of this project that will be complete on Monday. The city will block off Pioneers from 31st to 40th in the morning and 56th from South to "A."

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