City's traffic improvement plan making progress

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The city's Green Light Lincoln project was designed in an effort to improve traffic congestion and drive times through the city.

The public works department has been installing new street cameras, improved signal displays, and traffic management software.

Phase one of the initiative covered nine corridors, which includes 120 of the busiest intersections in Lincoln.

"At that point that's when we'll really start focusing on the signal timings themselves. What will be most noticeable to folks in terms of traffic flow," said Lonnie Burklund from the Department of Public Works and Utilities.

Once all of the installations are finished, they will test new signal times and make improvements.

"Am, midday, pm peak hour, off peak, Saturday, Sunday, lots of different timing plans and when we implement those in the field, we'll be doing test runs. Fine tune that effort," said Burklund.

The initiative was designed to improve traffic wait times and cut commute times.

"At the end of the day, the green light Lincoln initiative is about creating more of culture of safety on our streets and efficient traffic flow," said Burklund.

He added, "We're going to save people time and money is the hope."

Burklund said the new software and signals should be up and running by December, and drivers may see improvements around the same time.