Citywide asphalt rejuvenation project beings

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Lincoln Transportation and Utilities today began asphalt rejuvenation projects throughout the city.

The work is scheduled to be complete Monday, July 15, depending on the weather.

Digital message signs will alert drivers to upcoming work and lane closures.

The project schedule is available at

Streets will be treated in the following order:
Tuesday, July 9
Yolande Avenue from 20th Street to Cornhusker Highway
20th Street from Yolande Avenue to Cornhusker Highway
Madison Avenue from 33rd to 34th streets
36th Street from Adams Street to approximately 325’ south of Adams Street
25th Street from “O” to “P” streets
46th Street from “O” to “R” streets
50th Street from “O” Street to approximately 235’ north of “O” Street
Wednesday, July 10
Holdrege Street from 19th to 27th streets*
Pear Street from 27th to 29th streets
Manse Avenue from 27th Street to Bradfield Drive
Sheridan Boulevard from South to 33rd streets*
Thursday, July 11
Sheridan Boulevard from 33rd to Calvert streets*
Friday, July 12
Pioneers Boulevard from 31st to 40th streets-a.m.*
Pioneers Boulevard from 40th to 48th streets-p.m.*
Monday, July 15
56th Street from South to “A” streets*

The project is intended to stabilize and preserve the asphalt and extend the life of the driving surface. The process requires the closure of the street for two to three hours while liquid rejuvenator is applied. After two hours, and is applied, and the street is reopened, but motorists are urged to drive slowly.

Motorists should not drive on the streets until they have reopened to avoid tracking and getting the liquid rejuvenator on vehicles, as it can be difficult to remove from tires and shoes. Dry conditions are necessary for a successful application, making the project schedule heavily dependent on the weather.