Clayton Museum of Ancient History

YORK, Neb.- You can find an amazing collection of ancient artifacts at the Clayton Museum of Ancient History at York College.

The museum features a special kids section called "Little Kingdom". The museum is located in the Mackey Center on Campus.

This museum was donated to the college by Foster Stanbeck, and he worked through auction houses to collect these rare artifacts through the years.

The museum focuses on the ancient civilizations of Mesoptamia. It focuses heavily on the Romans. And, there's even a temporary exhibit that touches on the life and work of Martin Luther.

During your tour, you can see coliseum tokens, a Roman helmet, and other artifacts.

"It's very rare," said museum curator Amber Solderholm. "It's rare to see all of this together in one place, because it's all metal, it's hard to care for. We have to keep it very dry down here."

For more information, be sure to check out the Clayton Museum of Ancient History's website.