Clearing the clutter for spring

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LINCOLN, Neb. Since it's almost spring, many of you are ready to throw open the windows and get down to some serious spring cleaning.

But before the warm weather arrives, this is a great time to get organized and throw out those things you've been holding on to.

While clearing clutter can seem like a daunting task, professional organizer Traci Johns tells us that it doesn't have to be.

Johns is the owner of Professional Reliable Organizing in Lincoln and she helps people clear the clutter from their homes.

She tells us the key for many people who are trying to get organized is to start slow.

Johns said, "If they're really overwhelmed, just do 15 minutes a day. Whatever it is you've been putting off, set a timer...set it for 15 minutes and do a little work and that's all you have to do that day and then do it again the next day. Before you know it, you've worked a few hours on something and its probably made a big dent."

Here's some of the tips she gave 10-11's Natalie Micale on First News Nebraska for clearing clutter in different areas around your home.

For the office:
-Set up a mail and paperwork "sorting area" that has a trash can, recycling bin and a shred container
-Use manila folders to make filing easy, write in pencil in case you change a category name
-Set up files that help you prepare for taxes next year
-Utilize organizers for pens and other small desk supplies so that they are always in easy reach when you are working

Coat Closet:
-Go through coats, scarves, mittens and hats and donate anything that didn't get used this winter
-Store mittens and hats in containers that you can label
-Hang scarves on a door
-Create grab and go bags for summer activities and store them on a shelf in the closet
-Have a donate box handy on each floor of the house

-Organize one area that doesn't work well in the kitchen
-Use wire racks and turntables are helpful organizing products for the kitchen
-Begin using up all 'winter' type food like soup and stuffing
-Take inventory of what's in your freezer
-Stock up on easy summer sides that make for an easy night of grilling like baked beans or pasta salad mixes
-In the refrigerator, store leftovers in clear containers
-Store grilling condiments in a container in the fridge

To hear more advice from professional organizer Traci Johns, you can click on the videos above. You can also find a link to her website above.