Coffee and Rolls in Oshkosh

Published: Mar. 24, 2020 at 11:51 AM CDT
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A visit to Oshkosh isn't complete without a stop at Mark Ferrari Specialty Coffees. And now, the business is making cinnamon rolls, too.

We've told you about Mark Ferrari Specialty Coffees before. It's owned and operated by Mark Ferrari and Mike Piva. Some new updates to the business include the cinnamon rolls they are making, called "Sweet Macs". Mark says the rolls are from a family recipe that was lost, then found recently. "It showcases our Hawaiian-grown macadamia nuts that we produce on the farm," Ferrari said. "My family has a farm on the big island of Hawaii, on the Kona coast. We've been there more than 40 years. We grow and produce our own coffee and macadamia nuts. Mike and I started our business about 13 years ago in Oshkosh. We roast our coffee right here on site." So, you could certainly say that the coffee here is Hawaiian grown, and Nebraska roasted.

Mike Piva has ties to Oshkosh, and that's really how the two brought the business to town. "I grew up in Oshkosh," Piva said. "I went off to college, and ended up in Arizona for several decades. I got into the coffee business, and it took off. We needed a facility to house our operation, and we ship all over the country and Canada. We do mail order. We do a variety of things just from this building." Ferrari says as the company was growing, the idea was suggested to take advantage of opportunities in Oshkosh. "I said, we are going to go visit," Piva said. "It's perfect. We have access to Highway 26 and Highway 27, and we are close to Interstate 80, so we can get products in and out."

Ferrari says the local coffee shop in Oshkosh has done very well over the years. "We roast everything in the back," Ferrari said. "We do several signature coffees, we do flavored coffees, and we also carry the farm-fresh macadamia nuts." The business also features art work, and books by local authors. You can get any type of coffee drink you'd like at the store in Oshkosh. But keep in mind that right now the business is offering a walk-up window. If you'd like more information, go to or call (308) 772-3050.

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