Columbus rebuilds six month after flooding

COLUMBUS, Neb. (KOLN)- It has been six months since the storm that caused the historic flooding in Nebraska and throughout parts of the Midwest. 10/11 went back to revisit some of the communities and the people who were hardest hit.

(Source: Abbie Petersen)

Steve Homan spoke with 10/11 in Columbus after the March flooding. At the time, his family was being rescued from their flooded home. Homan has been sleeping in a camper in his front yard while trying to rebuild his log home.

Homan's granddaughter, who was 9-months pregnant at the time, had to be rescued from the home. While Homan stayed with her dog, eventually abandoning the log house for safely.

"I don't know what was in that water, but boy it did something to my logs," Homan said.

Days after the cleanup began and all his belongings were thrown out in the yard.

"I said to hell with it and I tore some things out," Homan said.

Now Homan walks through his house, remembering how it used to be.

"The worst thing I could say is the pictures," Homan said. "I had all of my Marine Corps stuff, all of that is pretty much trashed. That far room was for my great grandson"

Homan is determined to rebuild inside the frame of his old home. It's been a challenging process. Builders were booked, not a lot of people knew how to work on log homes. And then there's the cost.

"If we make it in by November, God is looking out for me, I guarantee you," Homan said.

And in the meanwhile, he's living in a camper in his front yard. Still, Homan considers himself lucky.

"There's people going through a lot worse than I am," Homan said.

Homan says the estimated damage to his property alone was $125,000, and it could be months before he's able to live inside.