Community Solar Farm celebrates with a ribbon cutting

Published: Mar. 2, 2020 at 4:16 PM CST
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The NPPD II Community Solar Farm celebrated its completion with a ribbon cutting this afternoon.

This project started 18 months ago with the goal of expanding community solar offerings.

This option provides renewable energy to constituents.

The way it works; when the sun shines even partially, it is providing energy.

The panels are collecting the energy.

The panels track the sun from its sunrise to sunset by rotating with the sun.

It provides the energy through distribution.

It will not produce energy if the sun is not available or during the night.

“I’m sure they all feel that they are playing their role and doing their part to de-carbonize or lower the carbon emissions in the state,” explained Tim Arlt, Vice President and General Manager for NPPD Retail. “That’s clearly why they probably signed up to join the community solar project. It is to get them a small part in lowering the carbon emissions that we put into the atmosphere.”

The carbon factor includes breathing, vehicles and energy supply.

NPPD is 68% carbon free on entire energy mix.

This is also the second project between the City of Scottsbluff and NPPD.

The first project sold out in a matter of days while this project sold in less than a week.

This is also the third biggest project in the state.

The challenges with this project includes the construction and electrical provider.

It uses the interconnection grid to distribute energy from sun to solar project to provide the option to commercial residents.

They did have to sign a third party Power Purchase Agreement with Sole Systems to receive tax credits offered by the government.

The project is completely sold out.

It is able to provide power to 665 homes.

If interested for future purchase, you can stop by the NPPD office or subscribe online.

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