Community shares memories about Knickerbockers

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- Demolition started at Knickerbockers Bar and Grill on Friday, with a portion of the building being knocked down.

The demolition will continue throughout November, and is expected to be completed no later than the end of the year.

On Thursday, people stopped by the boarded up and fenced in building to reminisce.

Nick Tarlowski was 18-years-old the first time he performed there with his band The Leftovers. They were later renamed the JV Allstars.

He said it was his favorite spot because people of all ages were allowed to attend shows.

"I started playing at Knickerbockers probably 1998, That was the place where all the big shows happened, that was the place where if you could get booked on a Wednesday night you felt pretty good about yourself," said Tarlowski.

To prepare for the building to come down one lane is closed on both 9th St. and "O" St, and is expected to stay closed for two weeks.

The Block 54 project is planned to go in its place, which will include two hotel, 40-50 condos and penthouses, a restaurant and a bar.

Brooke Sullivan started going to Knickerbockers when she was 15-years-old, that's how she met Tarlowski.

"I used to be a huge fan of the JV Allstars, complete definition of a fan girl, I went up and starting talking to [Tarlowski] and just from there grew into friends."

Tarlowski said he also had his wedding reception there.

"They found out we were engaged and were like hey want to have your wedding reception here on a Saturday night, which was great because we didn't have any money," he said.

Although Tarlowski said it's sad the building is coming down, he thinks it's time to move on.