CompanyCam helping expand the Silicon Prairie

Published: Sep. 22, 2017 at 5:44 PM CDT
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CompanyCam, a tech startup based in Nebraska, announced they are giving their app subscription away for free to local companies.

After spending most of his life working for his family's roofing company, Luke Hansen started CompanyCam out of frustration when he could not find pictures from a job estimate months earlier.

"I was just like we've got to do something about this," said Hansen.

He added, "Because I had to drive back out there like an hour each way because it was out like half to York, just to see a couple things and take a couple of photos. We were just wasting time."

When contractors perform estimates or are on job sites, they usually take pictures and notes, and the CompanyCam app can store all of that information in one centralized location.

"Once we started using it, everyone saw the value and thought hey we're not the only people, we should really try to get this out there and try to invest in this ourselves and try to get it going," he said.

Although CompanyCam has gone from having only one Nebraska business using the app to more than one thousand companies using it worldwide, Lincoln companies have really taken advantage of the technology.

"Our office folks know exactly what's going on with each project throughout. CompanyCam has a live feed that just scrolls down and you just search a job and it pops right up and you can see everything that's gone on from start to finish," said Matt Phelps, project supervisor for Edward's Stone of Lincoln.

In an effort to give local businesses an upper hand, CompanyCam has been giving membership away for free to local contracting companies through their "Homefield Advantage."

Hansen said, "It's a lot of easier to drive over to 40th and Normal and talk to guy who's finishing up a basement foundation than it is to call Australia at midnight and try to get feedback from them."

For local contractors, the app has changed the game in their line of work.

"For 10 years or so and we didn't have anything like this before, so now we can connect within the office, with the builders, etc," said Phelps.

CompanyCam has more in store for the Capital City as well with tailgates scheduled for two home games for the University of Nebraska, including September 23 and October 14.

For more information and to sign up your company, visit