Concerns over stretch of road East of 84th and Havelock Avenue

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - In Northeast Lincoln, one homeowner says a torn-up road is causing headaches for her and her neighbors.

(Source: KOLN).

It's right by the Lancaster Event Center on Havelock Avenue, which just recently re-opened.

Now, she's not happy with the mess left behind.

She says the giant potholes can create significant damage to cars, but they're also a safety concern.

She says she suspects this is the result of all of the trucks driving in the area for the recent construction.

"It's disappointing and it poses a lot of safety issues driving this road,” said Laura Rhinehart.

The stretch of road is just East of the Lancaster Event Center.

Rhinehart says it wasn't like this before construction.

"As you can see right now, a vehicle coming by, you have to straddle the lane to make it through,” said Rhinehart.

Now Rhinehart says she just wants to see something be done about the road.

"With this being the main access to parts of Northeast Lincoln if you're heading out to the country or Waverly, it's important to have some kind of access,” said Rhinehart.

Rhinehart says she's filed pothole claims with the city but nothing's been done.

10/11 NOW confirmed with the city that heavy construction trucks driving on the road caused the damage.

"There's a lot of wear and tear on it from the recent Lancaster Event Center construction that has been going on,” said Lincoln Transportation and Utilities Thomas Shafer.

Thomas Shafer says they are aware of the condition of the road and will be working with the event center and the contractor on a plan.

"Street maintenance will be looking to keep the road passable to the best of their abilities,” said Shafer.

A representative with Lincoln Transportation and Utilities tells 10/11 NOW, there is no time frame on when this could be fixed but it is something they are actively looking into.