Construction begins on shipping container houses on Vine

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The shipping containers at 28th & "Vine" have been all over the world, but are making their permanent home along the 27th Street corridor as part of new duplexes.

Construction workers pour concrete to create the foundation for the shipping container homes.

The duplexes will be a mixture of typical housing elements, like a garage, and shipping containers. According to the owner of the land, Kris Sonderup, this development will create 4 duplexes that can hold 3-6 people per unit. Sonderup said the houses will look more industrial, but that they are close enough to businesses in the area it's not too much of a stretch. He said the house might be a good fit for people looking to live in the area, but don't want the traditional, remodeled house.

"A lot of people want to live here, but they might not necessarily want to live in a hundred year old, remodeled house," said Sonderup. "They might want something newer, more unique, more contemporary, or industrial looking like containers will add to it."

Right now, construction crews are working to lay the foundation for the duplexes. The project is expected to be done by the middle of the fall. Each container is a little over 7.5 feet tall and 9 feet wide. Sonderup said the area is a key location for a project that Lincoln has never seen before.

"It's close to downtown, close to both campuses. It really is a good area to live in and an easy area to live in," said Sonderup. "It will really be a unique figure for the corridor."