Convicted foot toucher lands back in jail

Published: May. 10, 2017 at 8:33 PM CDT
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A man convicted of disturbing the peace, after police say he hid under cars last summer and grabbed at women's feet, is back in jail again.

Lincoln Police said Jesse Johnson is currently in the Lancaster County Jail after his probation was revoked.

It stems from an incident on Saturday, May 6th when police said Johnson pulled into a parking spot, next to a car with a woman and four kids who were getting out to go to Southpointe. Police said the woman told her kids not to get out because a car was pulling in. Shortly after the kids screamed after seeing Johnson go under a car. Police said Johnson then climbed out from under the car, got back into his car and drove off, but not before the woman got his license plate number.

Based on the license plate number, police officers were able to contact Johnson's probation officer. Police said the probation officer then revoked his probation, which is why he's currently in jail on a disturbing the peace ticket.

Online court records show the 21-year-old is serving 24 months probation for disturbing the peace ticket from June 16, 2016. That incident happened at Lincoln Family Medical Group on 74th and O St. Police said he startled a woman near her vehicle in the parking lot.

A similar incident took place a few days later on June 21, 2016 at the Aldi's on 83rd and O Street. Police said Johnson hid under the victim's vehicle and grabbed her ankle.

Records show he was also ticketed in March 2016 for hiding under a truck and touching a woman's foot in a Lincoln Walmart parking lot. LPD said Johnson hid under the victim's truck to satisfy his fascination with women's feet.

A fourth incident occurred June 20, 2015, at TJ Maxx. He was found guilty of Disturbing the Peace and fined $150.00