Corporate mistake leads to identity theft at Crete milling company

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CRETE, Neb. – Multiple workers at a milling company in Crete have filed police reports regarding identity theft after a worker fell victim to an email scam at the company’s corporate office.

Crete Police Chief Steve Hensel said his department has filed multiple reports regarding the situation at Bunge Milling, located at 1405 Norman Avenue.

Deb Seidel, communications director for the milling company’s corporate office, Bunge North America, said last summer an email was received requesting sensitive information.

The email appeared to be from an executive.

An employee sent the information, and quickly realized it was an email scam, Seidel said.

She added a few employees within the company have recently attempted to file their taxes, but were alerted someone had already filed in their name.

Bunge North America employees roughly 4,500 people.

Hensel said a handful of employees have contacted his department, but did not know an exact number of Crete employees impacted.

He said the reports starting coming in over the past two weeks.

Seidel said Bunge North America provided all employees with two years of credit monitoring resources, and those impacted will work with those services to restore their stolen identities.