Council votes against delay in 14th and Warlick project

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LINCOLN, Neb. – The Lincoln City Council voted against a delay in the 14th and Warlick roundabout project on Monday.

Last month, Councilman Richard Meginnis proposed a delay in the notable construction project in south Lincoln, and instead recommended the city reallocate the funds for road repair.

"To be able to use those funds now and get some of our streets done and move this roundabout situation to a later date," said Meginnis.

The proposed project is a two-layered roundabout with a price tag of over $36 million from the Capital Improvement Plan fund. The city has allocated about $10 million dollars towards the project already, something council members who voted against the delay cited.

"This is not just a roundabout project," said Councilwoman Jane Raybould. "Its the reconstruction of seven intersections, three bridges, seven miles of street, three pedestrian under crossings and new pedestrian connections."

The council voted 4-3 to deny the delay in the project at Monday's council meeting.

Dana Stefanidis has owned Wheelie Good Bike Shop off of 14th and Old Cheney for about a year and a half. He has been an advocate against the project since the beginning.

"Its really disappointing that they're going forward," said Stefanidis. "After having gone down to the city council where we did see at least a two to one ratio of testimonies in favor to delay of the project."

Stefanidis says the repaving project in the area a few years ago was enough to affect business and worries that the construction and eventual reshaping of the street leading into his business will be even worse.

"I'm trying to figure out what will be effective in encouraging people to come here," said Stefanidis.

The next step for the city will be opening up the project for bids from construction companies.