Couple in Minatare start a free smoking cessation program

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb (KNEP) A retired science teacher and his wife are hosting a five day smoking cessation class starting Sunday Nov. 25th. At 509 North Street in Bridgeport. Class starts at 6pm each day.

Dean and Laura Bell are as local as they come. They live in a farmhouse just ten miles outside of Minatare. Dean's great-grandfather homesteaded that land in 1903 and built the house they live in.

Dean taught science classes at Minitare High School. He also taught college biology, anatomy and physiology.

2 months ago, Dean who is now retired, thought they should do something for the community. So they put their heads together to find a survey and see what people needed.

They found an eight question health survey and printed copies, going door to door in neighborhoods near their home to see what people would like help with. They also got help passing out fliers from a local nutritionist and her husband.

Bell said that lots of folks were interested in quitting smoking. So, he found a program that is lauded by the American Lung Association, and many other programs interested in smoking cessation.

J Wayne McFarland MD and Elman J Folkenberg published the 5 Day Plan to Quit Smoking in 1964. The steps have proven to be effective according to Bell.

He says that if you want to quit smoking, and you come to this class and follow the steps, you will almost certainly quit smoking. And what's more, you don't have to be a professor of science, biology, physiology and anatomy to teach others how to quit smoking.

"People who go through the program can easily turn around and start a program themselves," Bell says,"It only takes motivation to do it, and I'm motivated to do it."