Covid-19 pandemic already affecting Lincoln’s homeless shelter

Published: Mar. 13, 2020 at 7:33 PM CDT
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The People’s City Mission is in a unique position when facing the spread of Coronavirus. If the virus hits the Mission's shelter, it will be very difficult to put a quarantine in place because of the close quarters many of the Mission's guests and staff share. The City Mission has a plan and is doing everything they can to keep their facilities clean and sanitized, but they expect the worst is to come.

As the Covid-19 pandemic comes close to home, the People’s City Mission is feeling the effects already. The Mission relies a great deal on volunteers to help with their daily functioning. Their volunteer numbers have dropped significantly in the wake of this virus. At the shelter, they are putting their guests to work cleaning and sanitizing, and serving meals when volunteers are not available.

At their Help Center, though, they only have a small staff. The majority of the sorting of donations and stocking shelves are done by volunteers. Volunteers at the Help Center are critical as the impoverished could become even more dependent on the shelter for food, clothing and other necessities.

Financial donations are also critical, as they are 97 percent funded by donations and dependent on them to keep their doors open. Right now, the People's City Mission has seen a slight decline in donations.

The City Mission recognizes that many will be stretched thin financially, but for those who are not, they hope that their community will pull together to support not only them but other organizations in the city that rely on the generosity of others.