Craig Uden on Year as NCBA President

COZAD, Neb.- Nebraskan Craig Uden has served as president of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association for the last year. He completes his term the first part of February. We traveled to Cozad to learn more about his experience with NCBA.

He's actually been working in both the check-off and policy divisions for the past few years. "I've got a round of both product and policy under my belt and so I've actually been doing this for about five years now," Craig said. He says during his term as president of NCBA, he got a chance to visit many of the affiliate organizations around the country. "Cattle production is different in Florida than it is in Utah or New York. It's interesting how producers work within their elements and their challenges to put beef at the center of the plate, and it all ends up being that product that we all enjoy," Craig said.

NCBA is the largest cattle industry, and the oldest cattle industry organization in the nation. It's been around for about 100 years. There are 43 affiliates or state associations that make up the foundation, and NCBA helps determine policy, and allows producers to have a voice in Washington D.C.

Craig says even though his term is ending, he won't totally be riding off into the sunset. However, he might be able to focus on his Darr Feedlot operation near Cozad a little bit more. "I will function as the past-president. I've been gone about 240 days this year. And consequently, next year it will only be about 40 or 50. And I'll fill in wherever the president wants me to fill in, and I will serve as a resource for the new team that is moving up," Craig said.