Creative healing for Hurricane Harvey victims

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Art Breaks is an organization that focuses on healing and repairing through the arts. It is leading a creative relief effort for children affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Community sponsors include Hildegard Center for the Arts, Alpha Media, Lincoln Arts Council, the Center for Civic Engagement-UNL, Lincoln Public Schools and Eagle Printing and Sign.

An art class at Irving Middle School in Lincoln is contributing with creative cards. Seventh and eighth grade students in Miss Conley's class have decorated close to 100 cards filled with color and encouragement.

Eighth grade student Elaena Stadig said, "It made me feel really good that I could contribute to Hurricane Harvey and the students who went through it and went through really hard times."

Elaena's teacher, Miss Conley, said there is also a need for art supplies in areas of Texas. The relief effort will not only send cards to children, but art supplies like paint, canvas boards, colored pencils and scissors.

With schools and homes affected, Miss Conley said art supplies are a low priority for budgets and funding.

If you would like to contribute to this effort, there are art supply drop off locations across Lincoln. Click the link above for more information.