Crime Stoppers: Surveillance video released in motel robbery

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - On Friday, Lincoln Police released new surveillance video from a motel robbery on September 9. During the robbery, thousands of dollars in cash, computers, and jewelry were stolen as the motel's owner was held against her will.

A Lincoln motel was robbed of thousands of dollars while the motel's owner was held against her will inside a room.

The surveillance video shows a man and a women enter the main office of the Oak Park Motel, near 11th and Cornhusker, and asked the owner to see a room. The man and woman told the owner they were interested in booking a block of rooms at the motel.

"The owner of the motel basically goes out to a hotel room with this couple to show off the room," said ,Lincoln Police Department Forensic Video Fechnician Jared Minary, "And they keep asking her questions, keep her that hotel room."

The video then shows three other women getting out of the group's Nissan Quest minivan. Two of the women went into the motel's main office while the third woman stayed in the parking lot. Police believe she was serving as the group's lookout.

"The other two enter the apartment attached to the hotel management area and steal a bunch of jewelry and a bunch of cash from the owners of the hotel," said Minary.

The owner of the motel reported she started to feel uncomfortable about being blocked in the room. The video shows the woman attempted to leaving the room, before she suspects physically direct her back.

Police said the lookout warned the two women in the apartment and the three women returned to the minivan. The man and woman then let the motel owner return to the office

"She goes back to her apartment within the hotel and checks and finds it's been rummaged through and she's had some items stolen," said Minary, "But by that point the five individuals have left."

Police are investigating whether the case is related to any other recent crimes. Anyone with information should call Lincoln Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600 or leave an anonymous tip here.