Crime Stoppers: Couple makes threats at movie theater

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As friends and families gathered into East Park Cinema on April 19th, they were expecting to enjoy Barbershop 3, but got a different kind of show.

"A male and a female are inside the theater, they are yelling being obnoxious and talking out loud, they start arguing with each other and a few of the people inside said be quite," said Officer Matt Stegman.

That's when police say the woman suspect stood up and said she was going to get her gun and bring it back in. The couple then left the theater, while others went to get staff.

"The male slides back into the theater, past security, but what really makes them concerned is the male had his hands deep in his pockets," said Stegman.

An employee stopped the suspect as he tried to get back into the theater and called 911.

"I applaud them for basically stopping his entrance into the theater, and calling us immediately," said Stegman.

Officer Stegman says making these claims is no joke, and the couple could face serious felony charges, like terrorist threats.

"People are in there trying to have a good time, and this breaks out and it can really cause a bit of craziness, not only the people watching but the people working at the theater," said Stegman.

Police describe the suspects as one black male with a thin build wearing gold aviator glasses. The female has a stocky build in her 20's and 30's. If you have any information call crime stoppers.