Crime Stoppers: Police looking for Walmart Shop Lifting Suspect

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On February 25th around 9:30 in the morning at Walmart on North 85th street a man walked into the store carrying a box.

"He said he's there to make an exchange and walks over to the counter. There is no one there at the counter and he wont go up to the front line, " said Officer Matt Stegman.

That's when police say the suspect told the employee he didn't need any help and heads to the back of the store near the electronics, box in hand.

"He's back in electronics, and is observed on camera in electronics to put the box on a shelf and removes a Black Vizio 29 inch Sound Bar," said Stegman.

The box the suspect puts on the shelf is not the same item, the boxes just look similar in size.

"The box was stuffed with garbage, and was taped shut, so it looked like it was legitimate, but he threw stuff in there instead." said Stegman.

Police say he then walks to customer services and tells the same employees they didn't have the item he needed. He then leaves the store in a blue dodge caravan.

"There are concerns that there is other stores that hes hit, or if he shoplifted in a different Walmart and went into exchange it," said Stegman.

The total loss is around 80 dollars, if you have any information call crime stoppers.