Crime Stoppers: Police looking for men who assaulted employee while shoplifting

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- Lincoln Police are looking for suspects who assaulted a Super Saver employee while stealing alcohol from the store. Police believe the shoplifting and assault may be connected to another theft from the store hours earlier.

Lincoln Police are looking for suspects who assaulted a Super Saver employee while stealing alcohol from the store. (Source: Crime Stoppers)

On August 10, two men and two women walked into the Super Saver at 48th and O Streets. One man and one woman went to the liquor aisle and put three bottles into their cart. Police believe the woman proceeded to conceal two of those bottles in her purse. Surveillance video later shows the women walking around with packets of noodles, one bottle of alcohol, and a very full purse.

At the checkout lanes, the two men grabbed the noodles from the woman's cart and paid for them at self-checkout. The woman then left the cart with one bottle of alcohol near the checkout lanes.

As the two women were leaving the store, police believe they were scared off by nearby employees.

Video surveillance from the store shows the woman returning to the liquor aisle and returning two bottles of alcohol onto the shelf.

Police said once the men finished buying the noodles, they went back to the liquor aisle, and got two bottles of alcohol. Investigators said the men put the bottles in their shopping bag and walked out of the store.

Super Saver employees eventually stopped one of the women. She was cited by police but refused to give up the names of the other woman and two men.

Around 4:00 a.m. the next day, a black cargo van pulled into the parking lot. Two men, wearing matching outfits, went into the store.

The men walked to the liquor aisle, where one loaded four bottles of tequila into his basket. An employee told the man they could not sell alcohol at that hour and the man returned the alcohol to the shelf.

Video shows the second man going back out to the parking lot, where police believe he told the driver of the van to move into position.

The two men returned to the liquor aisle and grabbed four bottles of tequila. As the men walked out of the store, one man assaulted an employee by the exit.

The men then ran from the store, got into the black cargo van, and left.

Anyone with information can call Lincoln Crime Stoppers at 475-3600. You can also leave an anonymous tip here.