Crime Stoppers: Police release new surveillance video in string of vape shop burglaries

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- Lincoln Police are asking for the public's help as they continue to investigate a string of smoke shop burglaries.

Surveillance video shows five people who burglarized The Joint at Cotner and R during the early morning hours of February 10.

On Friday, police released new video from inside all three stores to give the public a better look at the suspects involved.

The first burglary in the crime spree was at D & K Smoke Shop, near 48th and Huntington Avenue, on February 6. The surveillance video shows two suspects using a hammer to break the front glass door.

Another camera shows the suspects running into the store, breaking a display case with their hammer, and grabbing vaping products.

The entire burglary was over in less than a minute. Shortly after the burglary, a maroon SUV was captured on video leaving the scene.

The second case happened in the early morning hours of February 10 at the vape shop called "The Joint" near Cotner and R Street.

Video from outside the store shows five suspects, with their faces covered, looking around. Another camera angle shows the suspects using a baseball bat to break the front glass door.

Once inside The Joint, the suspects worked as fast as they could, loading up white plastic bags with vaping products. The suspects were out of the store in a matter of minutes.

The final case in the string of burglaries was the night of Monday, February 10 at Cloud 9 Smoke Shop near 50th and Old Cheney.

Video shows the suspects using a baseball bat to break a window and climb into the store. Police said, once the suspects were inside, they caused $30,000 in damage and stole numerous vaping products.

Based on video surveillance, clothing comparisons, and a dark-colored SUV leaving the scenes, police believe these cases are connected.

If you have any information that could help, call Crime Stoppers at 475-3600. You can also leave an anonymous tip here.