Crime Stoppers: Suspects take 10 Car Batteries from Sam's Club

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On April 12th around 9pm two men drove to the back of this Sam's club.

"A white male driver and a white male passenger jump out of the truck both are seen loaded batteries in the back of the truck," said Officer Matt Stegman.

Police say they broke into two different gates in the back of the store and took at least 10 car batteries, adding up to $900 dollars.

"We don't see too many people go through the back of businesses," said Stegman.

Police say the two men are in their 20's, one was wearing a black shirt and brown shorts, while the driver wore a plaid purple shirt.

"We've had people go into storage areas and take things out before, but never at a sames club," said Stegman.

The vehicle the suspects used to get away was a red older pick up truck.