Crime Stoppers: Woman steals clothes from Target; Another tries to return items

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LINCOLN, Neb. Lincoln Police need information on the connection between two women who committed crimes at Target on S. 56th Street.

The first happened on January 23rd around 7:40 p.m. A woman filled up a shopping cart at the store. Security cameras show her going into the dressing room and coming back out with a purse full of items. With a few items in her cart, LPD Officer Matt Stegman said the woman walked out the front doors without paying.

Officer Stegman said, “She makes it out the door with $440 worth of clothing items that she stole.” LPD believes they have identified this woman.

Target did not recognize until the next day that several clothing items were missing.

Officer Stegman said, “Right after they figured out the loss and figured out what was stolen, a woman enters and tries to return a comforter and several items that were stolen in the shoplift.”

Target gave the woman a gift card for the comforter, but the other items that were stolen were flagged in the system.

Officer Stegman said, “They explained to her that they couldn’t take the stuff back. They hung on to it. She had several items in her hands. She took the ones they didn’t take from her and immediately walked out the door and left in a silver PT Cruiser.

LPD does not know the connection between the two women. Officer Stegman said they are hoping someone can recognize the second woman and provide a tip to Crime Stoppers.