Dangers of the Pokemon Go app

Published: Jul. 11, 2016 at 9:27 PM CDT
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The point of the Pokemon Go app is to find Pokemon, virtual creatures, using your phone's GPS and camera, but certain features on the game can lead you into dangerous situations.

Mike Schlosser and his son Gage are like numerous Pokemon Go users who spent their day at Holmes Lake. The father and son said their day was full of walking and general Pokemon discovering. But Kristan Yoder of Quick Connection, an IT company, said some users take advantage of the app, specifically the beacon feature.

"Set a beacon in a certain area and there will say a sighting was hear of a very rare avatar they are trying to collect, a Pokemon," said Yoder.

People then go to that location thinking they will find a prize, but police said it can be dangerous.

"There's individuals getting lured into parks different locations that are secluded and when they arrive they are getting robbed, or assaulted by various individuals," said Corey Weinmister of the electronics evidence unit of LPD said.

Mike Schlosser said it's not just the beacon feature, though, people are just walking around, and know where other people can be via the game.

"Kind of of one of those craigslist deals, if someone is going to be at a spot where you are going, what their intentions are, if it is the game or something harmful or malicious, sure people are getting robbed over it," said Schlosser.

And there are other dangers as well.

"Going into areas they aren't supposed to like private property, or they could be crossing the street looking at their phone trying to chase this Pokemon monster," said Yoder.

LPD said they have not had any cases dealing with the app yet, but they advise all users to be very cautious and aware of their surroundings.