Dannebrog Delights

DANNEBROG, Neb.- There is a sweet spot now open in Dannebrog that you might want to check out.

Tim Hannibal opened the ice cream shop called "Dannebrog Delights" at the beginning of May. He'd been living in the San Diego area for years, and decided to move to the Midwest. He was attracted to Dannebrog, because he is a descendant of one of the original founders of the community. "My family moved away in the 50's or 60's, somewhere in there, and I just felt the town felt they were abandoned by our family," Hannibal said. "So, I've returned in a way to re-establish the good name."

Tim is very community minded, and is interested in helping build a stronger and more vibrant village. "I kind of fell into the business. This building was abandoned, I picked it up. There was talk about how nice it would be to have an ice cream shop", Hannibal said. He thought that would be a nice idea, too. "I don't open until 3 p.m., so I don't compete with the town. I compliment the town, and I keep the business coming into the area into the evening hours."

Dannebrog Delights is open from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., so it's become a very nice evening spot for locals and visitors. Hannibal's busiest hours are between 8 and 9 p.m. The business is becoming a destination for people around the area. "I would like to build on that, too. I would like Dannebrog to be a destination location, because Dannebrog has so much potential, I would like to enhance that potential," Hannibal said.

Hannibal says he would rather call his business an ice cream cafe, not just an ice cream shop, because he offers other things like coffee, baked goods from the Sweet Shoppe in St. Paul, along with snow cones and cotton candy. He also offers soft-serve ice cream that is lactose free, and with that are several "mix-ins" or "delights" that people can put into that soft-serve ice cream. "I also have 20 different flavors of dipping ice cream in the dipping cabinet," Hannibal said.

There are games on the tables for people to play, there is an activity room, and Hannibal has been known to occasionally do science experiments to draw kids in. "It's centered around quality family time. I want everyone to put their phones down, and interact with their children," Hannibal said.