Daycare closes suddenly, leaving parents to figure out new plan

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Young Voices Child Development Center shut its doors today after 13 years. The owners are retiring and planned to close August 23rd, but a lack of staffing made it hard to stay open. The center posted to Facebook last night saying the center would be closed today.

Young Voices Child Development Center closes after 13 years.

Shileia Kruger, whose sons Eli and Ezra go to the center, knew it was closing and she had plans. Her kids were two of the nearly 60 kids affected by the closure. Her back up plans aren't in full swing yet, because the day care closed 10 days earlier than expected.

"Eli is starting the 26th, I'll be okay. Just 3 days. I've got 3 days," said Kruger. She planned on taking 3 days off between the switch of the two daycares.

To Kruger's surprise, the center announced it would be closed today. The post told parents to come and collect personal items between 3 and 6 p.m. today.

"I thought uh oh. What am I going to do tomorrow?" said Kruger when she saw the news.

The owners told 10/11 the center was closing anyway due to their retirement. But the more staff sought new jobs to replace the old, the less staff they have on hand to comply with state regulations.

Young Voices Child Development Center said in its Facebook post: "This breaks our hearts and we are sorry for the hardship this puts on all of you. We do not have the staff or the funds to continue. Young voices did not foresee this outcome."

Now parents are looking to find a different daycare in the same area, but many tell 10/11 they are full and having to reject children.

Young Voices Child Development Center said in its Facebook post: "Thank you for your support and allowing us to be a role in your child's life. We will miss each and everyone of you."