DeSoto Wildlife Refuge & Snow Geese

DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge is yet another spot where migratory birds make a rest stop as they travel to their final destinations.

Part of DeSoto is in Nebraska, and part of it is in Iowa. Peter Rea is a Park Ranger with the refuge, and he says the main mission for the area is migratory birds. "Typically, depending on the birds, our big thing is waterfowl, so ducks, geese, swans, and our big numbers for the spring usually come in March," Rea said. 

Last March, the refuge enjoyed a record number of snow geese. "We had close to one million that people could view right from our visitors center window, and they really put on a show," Rea said. Bald eagles are an example of other types of animals that visitors can see. While Pure Nebraska visited the refuge, we encountered waterfowl, but also deer, wild turkeys, and even some red cardinals that stood out against the snowy conditions. 

"With wildlife, it's a special thing to see it interacting in its natural habitat, and how it would naturally be," Rea said. That's the kind of experience that you get at DeSoto. A visitors center on the refuge allows people a good spot to sit and enjoy the view.