Dining Out at the Eustis Pool Hall

EUSTIS, Neb.- If you are looking for great Mexican food, pizzas or steaks, look no further than the Eustis Pool Hall.

This restaurant has been a destination for many over the years. New owners of the business are working to maintain the pool hall's reputation for a unique atmosphere and great food.

"(The restaurant) is going to be 100 years old next year," Eustis Pool Hall Co-owner Lonnie Labens said.

On Mondays, homemade pizzas are on the menu, and they are made from scratch. Tuesdays, the restaurant offers chicken fajita dinners. On Wednesdays, there are specials. "Friday nights we do a bacon-wrapped filet mignons, and New York strips, and on Saturdays is our famous prime rib," Lonnie said. The pool hall also carries a lunch special everyday.

"About 11 years ago, I bought PJ's over in Cozad, and we ran with that until it closed due to Monroe's closing," Lonnie said. "Then we opened a second restaurant up in Cozad which we still own, but we decided to come to Eustis and run the pool hall to make sure the folks in Eustis have a place to eat and enjoy," Lonnie said.

The current owners have operated the Eustis Pool Hall for just over a year. People come from as close as Elwood, and as far as Omaha to enjoy the food.