Distracted driving on the rise in Nebraska

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Lincoln, NE New numbers from the Department of Transportation show distracted driving is on the rise again in Nebraska and experts say fixing the problem, requires a lot of people to come together.

According to the Governor's Highway Safety Association, Nebraska is one of only four states in the U.S that doesn't allow officers to pull people over solely for texting and driving.

State Senator Bob Krist says he's tried to pass a bill 5 times in the last six years allowing officers to pull people over for something like texting, but hasn't gotten enough support from other lawmakers.

"The only correction is for private individuals, technology and really government and enforcement to all come together to work together as a whole. Any one of those components individually has proven it's not a success," said Mark Segerstrom with the Nebraska Safety Council.

Neighboring states like Iowa have already implemented similar laws. The Iowa state patrol says since the new law, they have issued six times more citations for texting while driving.