Documentary film coming to Lincoln addresses body image

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- A recent study shows that an estimated 91 percent of women hate their bodies. A documentary film showing next week in Lincoln is trying to change that.

Taryn Brumfitt of Australia went to great lengths to find out why so many women are at war with their bodies and what can be done to change that. From her efforts came the documentary called "Embrace."

It spoke to the heart of 32-year-old Callie Sills of Lincoln, who had a rare opportunity to view the film. Callie suffered from anorexia shortly after high school. "For me, it started as just, well, I'm just going to skip breakfast today. And what happens is you get a high. You get a high from not eating and you realize I'm dropping a couple pounds, what if I skip breakfast and lunch?"

At her lowest weight of 80 pounds, she recalls it being the most depressing time of her life. She was numb to the world around her, numb to the physical and emotional pain she was enduring. "I remember if I ate too many carrots, I mean, I would just beat myself up.”

The tipping point was a cry of desperation from her mother. "The moment that made me realize I really needed help was when my mom finally sat me down and she just started crying, telling me she was afraid she was going to lose me."

While getting help may have saved Callie's life, it didn't save her from the so-called "imperfect being" she still saw in the mirror. "Even after I got treatment for the eating disorder, I became okay with my body. Like, I'm not 80 pounds anymore, but I'm okay with it. But I didn't love my body."

Then she saw "Embrace” and saw her body for what it really is. "To not have that worry, was just, it was one of the most amazing feelings I've ever had. I never experienced that before in my life and it's going to make me cry because it was so emotional and so exciting for me."

Callie now wants to share that feeling with others. She took it upon herself to become a movie host so that she could hold a private screening for her family friends. "Disabilities that you may have, a different hair color that you don't like." This documentary addresses it all.

If you'd like to attend the screening, it'll be shown at the Lincoln Grand Cinema on Wednesday, January 4th.
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