Dog euthanized after biting elementary student and her mom in Lincoln

Published: Apr. 6, 2016 at 6:55 PM CDT
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After biting an elementary school student, a Lincoln dog will be euthanized on Wednesday.

Lincoln Animal Control said it happened around 4:30 p.m. Monday on the playground at Sheridan Elementary School. The girl was at the school with her mother.

Steve Beal, Lincoln Animal Control Manager said, "Two individuals and their children walked into the playground area with their dog. They had given the dog to the girls that were with them. They approached the bite victim and at that point, it was an unprovoked bite. The dog attacked the little girl. The bite consisted of a wound on her hand."

The girl's mother intervened and the dog, a pit bull mix, bit the mother in the stomach. Beal said both received medical attention, but he doesn't know the severity of their condition.

Beal said, "It's an unfortunate situation, we'd like to see those things not happen. Even though they had the dog on the leash, some dogs are more than people can control. They can be very powerful and they can get away from people. In this case, the dog should've been under better control."

He said people need to know their dog. "Know that it is okay to take it out on the trails or out for walks, and know that it is going to be okay out on the trails or around other people."

In this case, the pit bull's owners surrendered their dog to Lincoln Animal Control.

Beal said, "The owners felt bad about the bite, I mean you would, nobody wants that to happen. They surrendered the dog to animal control. That dog then becomes the property of animal control. When it acts like that, a dog is not going to get adopted out. So when that happens, the decision is made to humanely euthanize the animal. We don't do that in very many cases."

For other dog owners who may be worried about a situation like this one, Beal said, "If you're walking a dog, you got it on a leash, you're using a leash that is six feet of less, and someone comes up and grabs your dog, that dog is like you're in my space." If the dog bites someone, he said Lincoln Animal Control will look at those on a case by case basis.

Beal said, "Dogs by nature depending on their personality, may not respond good to someone coming right up to them."

In Lincoln, City Ordinance states:

It shall be unlawful for the owner of any dog to let the dog run at large, whether licensed or not, at any time within the city.

The term "running at large" is defined to mean any dog that is not under the control of its owner, except that a dog shall not be considered under the control of its owner unless on a leash, cord or chain which is securely fastened or picketed in a manner sufficient to keep the dog on the premises where picketed, or on a leash, cord or chain of six (6) feet or less in length physically held by the owner, or confined within a receptacle, enclosed vehicle, fenced enclosure or shelter, or within the real property limits of the owner and in his or her presence and under his or her direct and effective voice control.

Failure to observe this ordinance means your dog may be impounded at the Humane Society and/or a citation issued.

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